About me

Moritz Neikes

I studied digital security in the Netherlands, mainly at Radboud University, and partly at TU Eindhoven. In 2020, I completed my Master of Computer Science. My Master's thesis explored options to speed up the post-quantum digital signature scheme SPHINCS by adding a short-term state to an otherwise stateless scheme. The thesis was supervised by Peter Schwabe and Andreas Hülsing.

In 2014, I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science at Radboud University. My Bachelor's thesis on the scalability of DC-Networks was supervised by Anna Krasnova and Peter Schwabe.

From April 2013 to Nov. 2016 I was also a software developer at Composite Modeling GmbH & Co. KG, where I built and maintained a Java application as part of a small team.


Email: moritz@post-apocalyptic-crypto.org

PGP fingerprint: 4737 9C22 52F4 3997 B93C 535B E35A C6CD EC36 2321

Grab the PGP key here, or from MIT's keyserver.


Anna Krasnova, Peter Schwabe, Moritz Neikes, Footprint scheduling for Dining-Cryptographer networks [pdf] [bib]


Fingerprint Scheduling @ Crypto Working Group, Utrecht, the Netherlands on May 22, 2015 [pdf] more...

Footprint Scheduling @ 20th Financial Cryptography, Bridgetown, Barbados on February 24, 2016 [pdf] more...


Bachelor's thesis: Efficiency of large-scale DC-networks, July 1, 2014 [pdf]

Master's thesis: Short-term state in SPHINCS, February 7, 2020 [pdf]

This site is hosted on uberspace.de. It (obviously) uses Twitter Bootstrap because I don't know nothing about web design.